Pallavi's Back At The Lab!

Pallavi Khare

14 June 2019

Leadership Programme alum Pallavi Khare is now a part of the Culture Lab team! In this piece, Pallavi reminisces about her time as a Culture Lab Fellow last year, and how things have come full circle since. 

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Conservation and restoration with Preeti Goel Sanghi

Nishanti Srinivasan and Shamik Khan, Culture Lab Leadership Fellows

14 June 2019

Culture Lab Fellows Nishanti and Shamik write about conservation architect Preeti Goel Sanghi's masterclass on her work in Hampi, Kuldhara and the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synoagogue, as well as her walkthrough of the newly restored synaoguge. 

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Home Away from Home

Team India Culture Lab

13 June 2019

What reminds you of home when you move away? What do you take with you to stay connected to the place so close to your heart? What token captures your memory of home? These are the questions we asked some migrants in the city of Mumbai, all on the move for different reasons and aspirations, as a build-up to our Migration Museum. Here are their heartwarming stories.

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#MigrationMuseum: environment and climate-induced migration

10 June 2019

With climate change at its peak, migration due to ecological instability is on the rise. Our Twitter chat leading up to #MigrationMuseum featured Harini Nagendra, Nandan Sharalaya and Varun Aggarwal.

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A Morning in the Mangroves

Anurag Soni, Culture Lab Leadership Fellow

1 June 2019

Our Leadership Programme Fellows made their way to the Vikhroli mangroves ahead of World Enviroment Day to explore the mangrove ecosystem. Anurag Soni writes about the experience in this blog. 

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My last year as a TED Senior Fellow: Notes from TED 2019

parmesh shahani

14 May 2019

2019 being Parmesh's last year as a Senior TED Fellow, he reflects on the incredible people he's met through the programme. He also writes about how the conference reflects the changing times we live in how it remains an amazing confluence of big ideas.

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“We Can Do It” – Meena Seshu on the power of collectivisation for access to healthcare

Kiran Kulkarni

8 April 2019

Dylan Mohan Gray's film From Durban To Tomorrow featured five advocates on the frontline of the rights-based future for global healthcare, one of which was Meena Seshu. Meena Seshu, founder of SANGRAM and advocate for sex worker rights and empowerment, spoke about access, public healthcare and collectivisation at the Lab in April. Our 2019 Leadership Fellow Kiran wrote all about Meena's learnings from the field in this blog.

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The Past is Before Us

Isha Pawar

5 April 2019

Leadership Fellow Isha Pawar writes about her feminist politics and 'The Past is Before Us', our opening panel at 'So Many Feminisms!' featuring stalwarts in the movement. 

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