Nadir Godrej

31 January 2015

Mr. Nadir Godrej made a speech at the Rotary Club District Conference at the NSCI Stadium in Mumbai, in verse, about our Culture Lab! Here it is:

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Parmesh Shahani

30 December 2014

A small blog post to express a big thank you to all our collaborators, supporters and attendees, who have made the past year such a special one for the Lab.

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A Way To Blue

Aditi Singh

24 February 2014

For my on site installation at the Godrej India Culture Lab's Museum of Memories, I decided to string together and layer two drawings using an open window as a natural light box. The idea was to call to attention the ephemerality of materials and space. In this instance, the 3 foot paper, as well as the 60,000 sq ft warehouse. 

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Gyan Prakash

16 December 2013

Historian Gyan Prakash's book Mumbai Fables, was praised by Salman Rushdie as “a fascinating exploration of my favourite city, full of insider knowledge and sharp insights.” Here Prakash explains the genesis of the book and the upcoming film adaptation, Bombay Velvet. 

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Letter to a little girl in India

Hindol Ssengupta

28 November 2013

(An uncle’s advice to growing up in the world’s most dangerous place for women)

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Amar Akbar Anthony

Chitranshu Mathur

4 October 2013

On Friday,  13th  September,  Godrej India Culture Lab invited Sidharth Bhatia, renowned journalist and author to discuss his new book Amar Akbar Anthony with Supriya Nair from Caravan magazine.

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Like here, like there


16 September 2013

Like this, like thatLike here, like thereFriend, enemyLife, deathAll the sameAll is he …– Shah Abdul Latif (1689-1752)

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