Transgender allies at Godrej - II

Team Culture Lab

17 November 2015

Before our Dancing Queens event, (you can read about it here) key people and teams from across Godrej came forward to show their solidarity with the transgender community in their fight for equal rights. We called it the Godrej Transgender Ally Project, and the response we recieved was overwhelming. For the whole album click here.

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LGBT inclusion in Hindi cinema

Abhra Das

25 October 2015

On an average, the Hindi film industry releases about 200 films a year. However, even with so many movies being produced, there are only a handful that deal with LGBT themes or have significant queer characters in them.   

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Wandering Women, Wondering Man

Parmesh Shahani

9 September 2015

Each year, around Independence Day, our Culture Lab organizes a film festival called Indie-pendence Day, at which we celebrate the spirit of independent cinema from across our country. In 2013, we collaborated with NFDC for the first of these festivals and in the 2014 edition our partners were Films Division. This year, we decided to collaborate with the feminist website The Ladies Finger and organized a two-day documentary film festival at our new auditorium in Vikhroli, through which we explored multiple ideas, narratives and perspectives on feminism in India.

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100-day Haiku Challenge

Vandana Gupta

24 August 2015

Let me start with how I came to join Godrej. Given my love for the arts, I decided to attend an event organised by the Godrej India Culture Lab, an emerging experimental space, which was fast becoming the talk of the town. 

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Jeremy Mayer's Typewriter Sculptures

Kevin Lobo

24 August 2015

I first heard of Jeremy Mayer when I joined Godrej India Culture Lab in May 2015. I was new at the Lab, and I was meeting interesting people every day. Over lunch one day, head of Godrej Archives Vrunda Pathare told me of how her team has been collecting memorabilia that includes packaging of products, locks, almirahs, and also manuscripts, videos, audio interviews, among other things that date back to 1897!

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Unite and Rule: The future of performance poetry in India

Nitika Khaitan

5 August 2015

“I’m 65 and I’ve never heard rap before,” an audience member said, addressing the South Dandies Swaraj, a Tamil and English rap crew during the Q&A session after their performance. “But I loved your act and you guys reminded me of Gemini Ganeshan [the yesteryear Tamil film star].” The event was called Me Versus Them: How Mumbai’s Performance Poets Are Breaking Boundaries & Changing Society – a culmination of my summer research on performance poetry in Mumbai with Godrej India Culture Lab, an experimental space that looks to break silos within culture, and serves as a catalyst for conversations around contemporary modern India.

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The Extraordinary Trip of the Amazing Doctor Henry Jenkins

Team Culture Lab

15 July 2015

Dr. Henry Jenkins is one of the coolest professors we have met at the Lab. The current Provost professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at USC turned his lifelong passion of following popular culture into legitimate intellectual discourse. His canonical work on fan culture is used by anyone who is interested in participatory culture today. His work on covergence culture has been perfectly timed for our changing media climate. Read about all the amazing things he has done and he is currently doing here.

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Nisaba Godrej's message on International Day Against Homophobia

Nisaba Godrej

18 May 2015

On May 17, we received an email from Nisaba Godrej, Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., addressed to Godrej employees. It's an inspiring note that reiterates our company's ideal in being an inclusive workspace. We wanted to share this with you all. Hope you're as charged up after reading it as we were. Here's the text of the email:   

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