Online Adda - #DigitalFeminism with Bishakha Datta and Paromita Vohra

Team Culture Lab

3 May 2017

We held a #DigitalFeminism Twitter chat with Bishakha Datta of Point of View and Paromita Vohra of Agents of Ishq. Powerful observations were made on how the internet is changing feminism - from forming solidarity among women from across the world to ways to fight online harassment. We compiled these tweets using Storify

The chat was organised as a precursor to What's Sex Got To Do With It? our fantastic adda on feminism that was held to celebrate Point of View's 20th anniversary. The organisation has been working tirelessly for the past two decades to change conversations on women's rights in India. They currently run Deep Dives, a blog on sexuality that publishes long form narratives, art, poetry and fiction. They also run the Sexuality And Disability blog, that gives a voice to women who are disabled to speak about their sexual selves. The event was a continuation of the Lab's explorations on feminism in India. You can check out the Lab's past work here. Also, here are pictures from the Adda. 

Below is the chat: