Caste and Pop Culture

Kshiti S.V. and Prateek Gupta

16 June 2020

Fellows Kshiti and Prateek presented to us about the ways in which caste privilege has shaped popular culture today. They write about how music, fashion, film and desire are not innocent of ideas of purity and pollution, which are widely held in a society informed by caste discrimination. 

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Spatial justice and the city

Ambika Lambah and Kshiti Vikas

12 June 2020

Fellows Ambika and Kshiti look at access to the city through various lenses - migration, gentrification, ghettoisation and gendered notions of what it means to loiter. 

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Can the subculture speak?

Isha Sanekar and Laxmi Krishnan

28 May 2020

Fellows Isha and Laxmi weave in and out between the subculture and the mainstream - from a deep reading of Rajakumari lyrics to the waves of K-pop in India, our Fellows have you covered on all things subculture, sub-subculture and सबकल्चर!

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The Indian Queer Movement Post Section 377

Parmesh Shahani

26 May 2020

To mark the release of the special edition of his book 'Gay Bombay', Lab head Parmesh Shahani reflects on the Queer Movement in India post the striking down of Section 377.

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Bone of 'content'ion: anime

Aditya talpade and Ambika Lambah

26 May 2020

Fellows Ambika and Aditya took us through convergence culture and the anime universe with Henry Jenkins' work on participatory culture and media convergence. They write about Ian Condry's writing on the collaborative creativity of practices like fansubbing to the migratory culture of anime communities in an increasingly digital world.

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Culture cocktail: The cutting edge of Indian design


20 May 2020

Isha and Rohan define design and attempt to trace an Indian history of design - from doorknobs to fashion, two of our Culture Lab Fellows write about why Roadside Romeo is pathbreaking and tell you about 'borrowed' design elements in Ra.One. Read on to know more!

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Don’t Stop, Make it Pop

Laxmi Krishnan and Prateek Gupta

18 May 2020

In week two of the Leadership Programme, Fellows Laxmi and Prateek study what it means to define pop culture. They write about their encounters with the Indian contemporary through a contemporary debate - how does the TikTok versus Youtube feud play out in our cultural imagination and what are its stakes? For mobile publics, cringe content and a hint of subculture (in a blog about pop culture?!), read on!

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Meet the Meme Team!


13 May 2020

Meet our Leadership Programme batch of 2020 - the Fellows will be working on The Meme Project this year, so check out the aptly themed introduction! 

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