The work and activities of the Godrej India Culture Lab have drawn the attention of the media ever since our inception. Here is a selection of some of the coverage we’ve received. If you’re from the press and would like to visit our lab, attend some of our events, or would like specific images of certain events, please mail us on

The Hindu

Separating the difference between reel and real crime

An event, ‘Crime and Punishment in Indian Entertainment’ organised by Civic Studios and the Godrej India Culture Lab, intends to tackle questions that ‘entertainment’ like Delhi Crime and Simmba throw up. 6 November 2019

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Rahul Mehrotra on how architecture is being divorced from social context

Speaking at the India Culture Lab, Rahul Mehrotra held forth on aspects philosophical and rooted in ground realities, ranging from the idea of the urban in India to the agency of architecture and design.17 September 2019

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Hindustan Times

It is motion that defines a city’, says architect Rahul Mehrotra

At the Godrej India Culture Lab Rahul Mehrotra delivered a special lecture / masterclass titled Architecture in Context: Design Challenges in Contemporary India, which also addressed the lack of context to planning and development in Mumbai.12 August 2019

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Mid Day

A juxtaposition of design and lifescape

What is life without context? Meaningless, we say. And that's exactly what architect and urbanist Rahul Mehrotra is trying to explain in an upcoming Masterclass – on study of contemporary architecture and linking it to urban conditions in India. Mehrotra will be giving a masterclass at the Godr...30 July 2019

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Living on the move

Grappling with the phenomenon of migration, is the day-long Migration Museum at the Godrej India Culture Lab (GICL), which includes discussions, film screenings, performances and an art exhibition curated by the lab's team in conjunction with students who are a part of its leadership programme....7 June 2019

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The Indian Express

The Permanence in the Ephemeral

The Migration Museum, a day-long event in Mumbai by Godrej India Culture Lab, will explore various aspects of migration through art, performances and discussions.3 June 2019

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Asian Age

Fostering health for all

A city-based filmmaker’s new documentary, From Durn to Tomorrow sparks conversations around the sorry state of public healthcare. the film had a preview screening at the Godrej India Culture Lab last week.8 April 2019

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Dismantling patriarchal institutions

Feminism is not restricted to the hearts and minds of women, but also in art, music, books and performances. Thus, to mark the relentless march of feminism to horizons, Godrej India Culture Lab is hosting a two-day conclave, starting Saturday, February 16.10 February 2019

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