Top 6 quotes from Freedom to be Flawed

Team Culture Lab

8 May 2018

Peter Griffin speaking at Freedom to be Flawed 

Peter Griffin on people with disabilities being reduced to inspiring stories

The pedestalization of people with disability is very similar to how women are treated in India- kept away at home, hidden and respected if out of sight.

Nidhi Goyal speaking at Freedom to be Flawed 

Nidhi Goyal on political correctness

We want to be politically correct and then stop engaging. So one may use ‘persons with disabilities’ and then treat them like trash. What’s the point of accepting words and ideas if you don’t accept the people?

Nipun Malhotra speaking at Freedom to be Flawed 

Nipun Malhotra on societal stigma against people with disabilities

When it comes to disability, there are 3 A’s that need to change - Accessibility, Affordability and Attitudes. Social stigma is still a major hurdle for disability rights, because statistics and numbers are hardly reliable if families do not declare people with disabilities.

Divyanshu Ganatra speaking at The Freedom To Be Flawed event  

Divyanshu Ganatra on the lack of meaningful interaction with disabled persons among the able-bodied population 

When I went blind at the age of 19, I was the only blind person I knew. I knew blind people existed, but I didn't personally know any. They came out of the woodworks at rehab.


Virali Modi speaking at Freedom to be Flawed 

Virali Modi on access in restaurants

A restaurant, despite being fully accessible, suggests that I don’t come because I will feel uncomfortable. Don't tell me that I will feel uncomfortable, if I feel uncomfortable I will leave. You don't need to tell me that.


Kartiki Patel speaking at Freedom to be Flawed

Kartiki Patel on fitness for people with disabilities

There are gyms and Zumba classes for able bodied, but only physiotherapy for the disabled, which connotes impairment. There is no focus on adaptive fitness for the disabled.