Top 10 AMA questions on Communitainment

Team Culture Lab

1 June 2016

Professor David Craig

We experimented with our first ever Ask Me Anything with Professor David Craig and it was a stupendous success. Questions poured in from the Twitter universe and the professor was up to the task. Check out the top 10 answers:

Iamneerajgaba: Is content King & follower numbers, the Bishop? Or, numbers trump content, with fad following. Thx @IndiaCultureLab #communitainment
David Craig: Content is King. Distribution is King Kong. Talent is God! With unlimited content and distribution...the real scarcity is talent, although strategic media management and premium advertising are also important drivers in this ecosystem. Content marketing, influencer marketing, native advertising...and sustainable CPMS...VITAL!

‏@bhardwajamit: Do you see a role change for Influencers in coming time?
David Craig: Influencers have ALWAYS had a role in shaping society. Now they also can profit from it. Communitainment allows for the commodification of cultural power, which can be used for good or evil. All the more reason to teach responsible communitainment literacy and production. EARLY!

‏@katrasuraj: How to build and align with influencers within your organisation on social media?
David Craig: if you want to be an influencer you have to join a community and develop your own identity values expertise

@rageteen: Would you consider fanfiction writers to be content creators as well? Do they fit in the same ecosystem? #Communitainment
David Craig: Absolutely! Although generating IP is less central to this ecology.

@Ga3lyn: How important is it for content creators to exist across multiple social media platforms? What's the future of the intersection of TV and social media entertainment?
David Craig: Multiplatforming is one of many unique and vital strategies but they will co-evolve as have other media industries. We are witnessing a reverse engineering of TV by communitainment. See talk shows and snackable content

@peeteeonyou Can creators continue to be influential, if and when the platforms that made them, die out? #Communitainment
David Craig: Communitainment creators have proven quite adept at operating across multiple some stumble, others succeed.

@StonerJesus: Doesn't the existence of paid influencers pose a challenge to trust and fairness in this sort of industry?
David Craig: On the contrary, we've found that influencers lose audiences when they forsake authenticity. “A 19-YEAR-OLD influencer is happy to take a million dollar deal, unless it's their last" - from a manager

@ish_likes_you: What do you think about the communion created by @hankgreen and @johngreen ? Is academia a part of this #communitainment?
David Craig: Vlogbrothers rule the world! They represent something remarkable...geek power meets entertainment. But the line between academia, education, information, and entertainment converge in this space. Communitainment recognizes entertainment as a communicative strategy for engagement, not just play.

@SaloniKogta: What do you think is the major factor that has led to the rise of the YouTube community?
David Craig: Hard to list one major factor...clearly technological innovation but also a cultural demand for authenticity.

@rahulrev: YouTube recently setup a studio in India. . How will it help, if it at all Ind has only 2 channels with 1M+ subs
David Craig: 4G is about to explode...following by live broadcasting...coupled with net neutrality...this will be exciting!