A Way To Blue

Aditi Singh

24 February 2014

 For my on site installation at the Godrej India Culture Lab's Museum of Memories, I decided to string together and layer two drawings using an open window as a natural light box. The idea was to call to attention the ephemerality of materials and space. In this instance, the 3 foot paper, as well as the 60,000 sq ft warehouse. 

 As the sun went down, the translucency of the paper changed with the light, darkening it to almost an opaque blue, suspended in flight. 

 The opportunity provided by the Godrej India Culture lab wasn't just about showcasing my work, it was about making a deep connection. 

 Often times curatorial efforts are simply of the moment, and no further. What is remarkable about the Culture lab is their vision, discourse, and discipline to always keep in sight the larger picture. To keep the momentum and dialogue ongoing. Always present. And that is a phenomena much need in the history of our culture.

 The images accompanying this post are some shots taken in the morning. I requested Parmesh at Godrej not to remove the drawing during the deconstruction of the warehouse, and to let it fall apart with the building...a blue floating amongst the rubble.