Writhing Queerness; Writing Queerness: Brian Horton on Nightlife, Pride, and the Queer Commons

Team Culture Lab

9 July 2020

We hosted cultural anthropologist and Brandeis professor Dr. Brian A. Horton for our first masterclasses with the Fellows as well as some of our Lab alums. Read about it here!

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Feminist Histories of Science


9 July 2020

Through the month of July, we will be exploring the breakthroughs led by women in science, and the collective pleasures, possibilities and perils of doing science in India with our event ‘Mission Possible: Breakthroughs of Indian Women in Science’. We looked back at the women who changed the world of science and initiated feminist discourse and dialogue but were hardly if ever acknowledged for their contributions to the evolution of our collective human journey.

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Pride Month 2020!

Team Culture Lab

24 June 2020

Pride Month 2020 has us looking back on some important takeaways from Pride Months past - check out the videos we've picked and keep reading to find out how you can show your support and allyship this month. 

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Mumbai as the protagonist in pop culture

Rohan Bhide and Aditya Talpade

17 June 2020

Fellows Rohan and Aditya took us through their favourite depictions of Mumbai through video games, comics, film and TV, and we tried to figure out if any pattern emerged from these narratives. 

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Caste and Pop Culture

Kshiti S.V. and Prateek Gupta

16 June 2020

Fellows Kshiti and Prateek presented to us about the ways in which caste privilege has shaped popular culture today. They write about how music, fashion, film and desire are not innocent of ideas of purity and pollution, which are widely held in a society informed by caste discrimination. 

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Spatial justice and the city

Ambika Lambah and Kshiti Vikas

12 June 2020

Fellows Ambika and Kshiti look at access to the city through various lenses - migration, gentrification, ghettoisation and gendered notions of what it means to loiter. 

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Can the subculture speak?

Isha Sanekar and Laxmi Krishnan

28 May 2020

Fellows Isha and Laxmi weave in and out between the subculture and the mainstream - from a deep reading of Rajakumari lyrics to the waves of K-pop in India, our Fellows have you covered on all things subculture, sub-subculture and सबकल्चर!

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The Indian Queer Movement Post Section 377

Parmesh Shahani

26 May 2020

To mark the release of the special edition of his book 'Gay Bombay', Lab head Parmesh Shahani reflects on the Queer Movement in India post the striking down of Section 377.

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