'The Story of the Muun' by Alyen Foning - So Many Feminisms!

Alyen Foning exhibited her artwork ‘The Story of the Muun’ at our 'So Many Feminisms!' conclave in collaboration with Zubaan Books in February 2019.

Muuns are female shamans of the Lepcha tribe who mediate between common people, the natural world and the world of supernatural beings. The rituals performed regenerate the human body, land, the ancestral connection and Lepcha indigenous identity. The Muun holds histories and stories of the Lepcha people and their landscape as she invokes their ancestors and the spirits of the land. They are known to bring the innermost secrets of the netherworld to the outer world.

The installation offered a glimpse into the journey of the Muun through the stories and experiences collected from various elders, male shamans (Boongthing) and practicing Muuns.

'So Many Feminisms!' was a two-day conclave which paid tribute to the multiple feminisms in India and celebrated the many futures that it continues to pave the way for.