Manisha Mashaal at So Many Feminisms!

Manisha Mashaal is an anti-caste activist, singer, orator and the founder of Swabhimaan Society. She spoke at our feminist conclave 'So Many Feminisms' in collaboration with Zubaan Books.

Manisha spoke about intersectionality and how rampant caste discrimination requires the marginalised to be able to write and tell their own histories. Most importantly, she talks about how the objectives of feminism itself are difficult to work towards when it comes to the day-to-day survival of lower caste groups, and how generational trauma is an obstacle to women all over the country when it comes to speaking out about the structures that oppress them.

'So Many Feminisms!', held in February 2019, paid tribute to the multiple feminisms in India and celebrated the many futures that it continues to pave the way for.