Prayaag Akbar & Khushboo Ranka on 'Leila' & 'An Insignificant Man' at Civic Entertainment

At our Civic Entertainment event in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, we were joined by Prayaag Akbar, journalist and author of the dystopian fiction novel 'Leila', and Khushboo Ranka, director and producer of 'An Insignificant Man' and Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Memesys Culture Lab, on a panel discussion on 'Altering Realities - Different Media, Different Impact', moderated by Supriya Nair.

Prayaag spoke about how the readers of 'Leila' found the book reflecting their insecurities about the society, about the imagined relationship between privilege and protection, and the contextuality of Leila. Khushboo examined how viewers' subjectivity and politics evoked diverse reactions for 'An Insignificant Man' and how the censor board is almost akin to a purgatory for filmmakers.