Prof. Gopal Guru on 'Kaala'

Prof. Gopal Guru, political scientist and editor of Economic and Political Weekly presented his insightful thoughts on the film Kaala post its screening at our event – The Past, Present and Future of Civic Entertainment in India.

During his talk, Prof. Gopal Guru spoke of how Kaala tries to redefine the relationship between labour and land, moving away from the premise of it being defined in terms of political economy. He also addressed the various notions of the word Kaala, the caste location of the film's characters, and how those made the storytelling more nuanced.

At Civic Entertainment, we brought together media makers, civic activists, and edutainment theorists to explore different models of civic engagement in India, the best techniques that have been used to create thought and behavior-change through entertainment, and past and current trends of civic and political representation in Indian entertainment.