“We Can Do It” – Meena Seshu on the power of collectivisation for access to healthcare

Kiran Kulkarni

8 April 2019

Dylan Mohan Gray's film From Durban To Tomorrow featured five advocates on the frontline of the rights-based future for global healthcare, one of which was Meena Seshu. Meena Seshu, founder of SANGRAM and advocate for sex worker rights and empowerment, spoke about access, public healthcare and collectivisation at the Lab in April. Our 2019 Leadership Fellow Kiran wrote all about Meena's learnings from the field in this blog.

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The Past is Before Us

Isha Pawar

5 April 2019

Leadership Fellow Isha Pawar writes about her feminist politics and 'The Past is Before Us', our opening panel at 'So Many Feminisms!' featuring stalwarts in the movement. 

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The Lab goes to Ahmedabad and Vadodara

Mukta and Nayanika

4 April 2019

Our team retreat to Ahmedabad and Vadodara saw us exploring fascinating work being done in academia, breath-taking architecture and the beautiful legacies of the city’s cultural patrons -all while feasting on fafda. 

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Feminism and the impact of the MeToo movement

Team Culture Lab

11 March 2019

The panel discussion So Many Feminisms! Feminist Futures at our February event offered the feminist voices of our country a platform to discuss what lies ahead for the feminist movement post the MeToo movement.


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Women at Work: What affects female participation in the workplace

Team Culture Lab

26 February 2019

A recent panel discussion on Women at Work: From Fields to Factories, as part of our event So Many Feminisms!, explored the relationship of women across sections of society with labour.

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Book excerpt: A Life in Trans Activism

15 February 2019

In author A Revathi's book A Life in Trans Activism, she speaks of her childhood and her journey to becoming a spokesperson for transgender rights. She was also one of the panelists for our event So Many Feminisms! Here is an extract from the book:

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Book Excerpt: Mannequin: Working Women in India's Glamour Industry

7 February 2019

In Mannequin: Working Women in India's Glamour Industry, author Manjima Bhattacharjya explores the changing relationship between fashion and feminism. Manjima was also one of the panelists for our event So Many Feminisms! Here is an extract from the book. 

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The role of caste in the LGBTQ community

Team Culture Lab

5 February 2019

Caste impacts all aspects of life in India. People are often evaluated based on the caste they are born into, irrespective of the skills they may possess. The menace of caste majorly affects the LGBTQ community as well. The India Culture Lab organised a discussion around what it means to be Dalit and queer in India as part of the event Queeristan.

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