Paromita Vohra & Ulka Anjaria on Fan Desires as Queer Love | The Great Indian Fandom Conference

Here are popular culture experts Paromita Vohra and Ulka Anjaria speaking about fan desires as queer love as part of 'Your Dil is not Paagal ' a conversation as part of The Great Indian Fandom Conference on 20- 21 September 2019.

They explore the various ways in which Bollywood is queered, the non-normative possibilities for love, performance and self-discovery it offers, the gendered hierarchy of 'legitimate' fan obsessions, and the freeing, emancipatory nature of fandom itself.

Ulka and Paromita problematised the academic 'distance' which is often advocated for fans and discussed the implications of 'too much' love, 'irrational' love and how that 'obsession' is represented in pop culture.

The Great Indian Fandom Conference was a two-day event that brought together experts and practitioners to discuss fandom, possibilities, communities and love.