Memories of Migration with the Navganis of Phadalewadi | Migration Museum, 2019

About 200 km away from Mumbai, Phadalewadi is a small village nestled in the Sahyadri Hills. It has had a long association with Godrej. Generations of workmen from the village, specializing in lifting and moving heavy objects, have been migrating to the city to work as ‘Navganis’ at the company, transporting and moving heavy safes with their distinct techniques. Living far from their homes and families, the Navganis have together shared a special bond with the company. Their traditions, work culture and memories - all form a story worth telling.

Presented by the Godrej Archives, 'On the Move' was a tribute to decades of the Navganis' tireless contribution and their invaluable legacy. The exhibit was hosted at our one day only Migration Museum on 8 June,2019.

Migration Museum enquired into migration in contemporary India through conversations, films and art. It was an exploration of identity and how our histories are not just concerned with time but also the geographies we've shaped and inhabited. It was the graduation project of the second batch of Godrej India Culture Lab's Leadership Programme.