Me Verses Them: How Mumbai's Performance Poets are Breaking Boundaries & Changing Society

The Godrej India Culture Lab hosted Mumbai's most exciting performance poets from different traditions on 22 July 2015. In our line-up, we had famed Marathi lokshahir and activist, Sambhaji Bhagat. We also hosted performance poets Preeti Vangani whose poem Validation went viral and Ramneek Singh whose works are based on Kashmir and performs in Hindustani. Finally, we had South Dandies Swaraj, an acclaimed multilingual rap crew that challenges inequality in India through their lyrics and Tamaasha Theatre, a theatre company that fuses music and movement to breathe fresh life into classic Indian poems. The performances at this special event were introduced by Nitika Khaitan, Godrej India Culture Lab’s summer scholar from Yale University, who had been researching Mumbai’s performance poetry culture