Museum of Memories: Remembering Partition - the aftermovie

Our Museum of Memories: Remembering Partition was a landmark event that marked 70 years since the Partition of the subcontinent into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). This collaborative pop-up museum had thirteen art exhibitions that included a participative exhibit where people donated objects that held memories of the Partition. The music performances were packed, and the discussions had a range of voices from authors to academics to touching stories from Partition survivors. For all those who made it, here's a video to relive it all.

For those who didn't nothing can quite replicate the experience of being here live, but we've tried through this video.

A big thank you to our partners - The Partition Museum, Amritsar, The 1947 Partition Archives, 91.9 FM Radio Nasha, Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival, Mahindra Kabira Festival, Harper's Bazaar magazine, MIF, Social, Reliance Entertainment, Indian Memory Project, Riverside School, Godrej Archives, School of Environment and Architecture, GCPL Design Lab, Godrej - The Trees, and Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema and Entertainment.