Dharavi Rocks! performance

This electrifying performance by Dharavi Rocks! took place at the Godrej Leadership Forum in April 2016. They had the audience dancing to the beats of all time favourites like Humma Humma, Jhulelal and more. 

Dharavi Rocks is a joint educational project between blueFROG and Acorn Foundation, an NGO working for the welfare of slum children and waste collectors/ragpickers. The mission is to give slum kids a voice by initiating them into music, bringing positive and happy creative experiences into their lives and creating a bond between communities. They also aim to raise awareness about the ragpicker/waste collector community and their key role in society as recycling agents. The first music workshop was conducted by The Boxettes and Droolian in April 2010 and since then they have had many performances with foreign and Indian bands, including performances at conferences like INK.