Dan Rebello on the Implications of the Trans Act 2019 for Non-Binary Persons | Queering the Law

Dan Rebello, primary school teacher and co-creator of the Thane Queer Collective, spoke about the systemic discrimination against people who identity as trans* in India. He speaks about the challenges of navigating everyday lives as a non-binary person, how the controversial Trans Rights Act 2019 makes it difficult for trans* people to self-determine their identities and obtain documents to prove them, as well as the marginalisation that trans* people face within the queer movement.

Queering the Law, which took place on 10 January 2020 in collaboration with the Vidhi Centre for Policy Research and the Queer Archive for Memory Reflection and Activism (QAMRA), brought together legal experts and LGBTQ rights activists doing path-breaking work in archiving, questioning and queering the law to make it more inclusive.