Book Launch | Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion in the Indian Workplace

We hosted the global launch of Parmesh Shahani's book, Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion in the Indian Workplace.

Queeristan traces Parmesh’s journey of advocating for LGBTQ inclusion across India’s boardrooms. Filled with testimonies of people at the vanguard of the LGBTQ rights movement in India, this genre-bending book brings together stories, history, politics, nostalgia, and a vision for the road ahead.

The launch was followed by an adda on Queer Futures with some of the young voices featured in the book, talking about their work and sharing their hopes for the future of queer citizens in India. We were joined by writer, activist, and founder of the Trans Rights Now collective Grace Banu, founder of The Queer Muslim Project Rafiul Alom Rahman, founder of PeriFerry Neelam Jain and the co-founder of Diversity Dialogues & the founding geek of Ritesh Rajani.