The Meme Project


The Meme Project

June 3, 2020

The Meme Project is an online, transmedia project created by the Leadership Programme batch of 2020. Explore memes through the Fellows' lenses of culture studies, literature, mass media, design, and applied art.

This project attempts to trace the origins, transmission, transformation and dissipation (if any) of memetic threads that are interwoven into the fabric of what and how we understand cultures. In both academic as well as not normatively academic ways, it is an attempt to satiate and demystify the curiosities around memes, meme-making, and meaning makings! Watch this space for more on how they examine and demystify the humble meme.

Memes, in colloquial terms, are legit everywhere around us. From pointless scrolls on our Instagram explore pages and tags by our friends to topical billboards around the city, memes are preserved parts of our shared lives and psyche. They have proven themselves as units that imitate, transmit, survive, and recur in culture. But are memes contingent only on imitation or do they reinvent the sources with every act of imitation? Do memes just convey messages or do they circumvent a newer world of signs and significations paving the way for renewed meaning making processes and in extension - newer cultures? Where do we put a pin on the origin of a meme or are all memes imitations of imitations? What happens therefore to the history of memes or is historicization then merely an attempt to untangle complex interwebs of culture? Are these mimetic representations then innocent acts or do they thrive on exclusionary practices? Are memes impacted by temporality and thus validity of certain cultures or do they bring longevity to them?

When we meme, what do we really meme? Check out the website by going to

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