The work and activities of the Godrej India Culture Lab have drawn the attention of the media ever since our inception. Here is a selection of some of the coverage we’ve received. If you’re from the press and would like to visit our lab, attend some of our events, or would like specific images of certain events, please mail us on


Back to the Future

Conceptualised and curated by Verve’s very own Parmesh Shahani, the Museum of Memories was a one day pop-up museum that came to life on the 15th of December at the Godrej factory in Vikhroli. With installations and performances by the finest artists across India, the idea was to display your me...3 January 2013

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Events Faqs

Godrej India Culture Lab organizes Museum of Memories

Mumbai witnessed a unique confluence of art, culture and music at Godrej's Vikhroli campus on Dec. 15. Organized collectively by Godrej India Culture Lab along with other organizations like Junoon, Visual Disobedience and Brown Paper Bag.31 December 2012

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Purple Peeptoes

Museum of Memories

On the 15th of Dec, The Godrej Factory at Vikhroli witnessed a pop-up museum of sorts. Godrej Culture Lab, Visual Disobedience Movement, Junoon, Brown Paper Bag and number of artists from the city came together to create a the Museum of Memories - an artistic depiction of the city's iconic mome...26 December 2012

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Indian Express

Cultural Melting Pot

A lab with a difference is introducing some unique events to Mumbai's culturescape. A day before a sprawling 60,000 square-feet deserted warehouse on the Vikhroli campus of Godrej was demolished, to make way for something more 'productive', it had transformed into a day-long museum. Named Museu...24 December 2012

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Mint Lounge

Past continuous

In a world that consistently values the permanent, we are celebrating the fleeting and the ephemeral,” says Parmesh Shahani, head of the Godrej Culture Lab. On 15 December, a 60,000 sq. ft warehouse in Godrej colony at Vikhroli, that was demolished the following day.21 December 2012

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Pop goes the museum culture

Modelled around art fairs that are held in old factories in Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Mumbai will have it’s first pop-up museum held at an old Godrej warehouse in Vikhroli. The 60,000 square foot factory that will be demolished the next day, makes an unlikely venue for a day-long cultural fest.16 December 2012

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Times of India

Fond farewell for factory warehouse

A beautiful dilapidated warehouse spanning 60,000 sq ft will be demolished inside the Godrej compound in Vikhroli on Sunday. In a unique hosanna to this factory space, stalwart artistes will celebrate a one-day culture fest in the empty building the day before it is razed.15 December 2012

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Blouin Artinfo

Godrej to Host a Museum of Memories on December 15

To have lived in India and not have used a Godrej product at least once in a lifetime is nigh impossible. Which is why when ARTINFO India first heard that Godrej was hosting a Museum of Memories in an old factory that was slated to be demolished the next day, we were sufficiently intrigued.11 December 2012

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