The Great Indian Fandom Conference


The Great Indian Fandom Conference

20 September 2019 and 21 September 2019

The Godrej India Culture Lab hosted The Great Indian Fandom Conference, a two-day affair that brought together experts and practitioners to discuss fandom, possibilities, communities and love! 

Fandoms have emerged beyond their characteristic subcultural orientation as one of the key elements of pop culture. Fuelled by their desires and dedication, fans have been involving themselves in a variety of activities - be it writing fanfiction featuring their favourite movie characters in alternate universes, or changing the structural flow of media circulation. 

When we talk about fandoms, we talk about participation, about ideas, about community and about possibilities. Fans enmesh themselves in the world of their fannish interest, but contrary to popular notions that paint fans as “brainwashed”, the investment of a fan’s emotions and intelligence turns fandom into a space that beckons conversations. Fandoms can be subversive - questioning decisions made by the content producers, offering their own versions of canonical texts, and even mobilizing their collective intelligence and efforts to become activists to create change.

We delved deeper into this remarkable phenomenon with The Great Indian Fandom Conference!!! From Bollywood fan universes to TikTok, football clubs to the BTS ARMY, South Indian cinema to global transcultural fandoms.