LGBTQ Now! - Queer Theatre Now! (Ehsaas)

Ehsaas at LGBTQ Now!

LGBTQ Now! - Queer Theatre Now! (Ehsaas)

12 January 2018 6:00 PM

Ehsaas, a lesbian coming-of-age play by the Asmita Theatre Group and Harmless Hugs came all the way from Delhi to Mumbai for the very first time! 

A solo play by Kakoli Gaur, Ehsaas narrates the journey of a young girl, who loves and feels for the same sex. The feeling of being loved and cared for by a woman is what she seeks. But will a heteronormative society accept her?

Ehsaas is an illustration of how queer characters are now taking centre stage in Indian theatre.

This event was in collaboration with Gay Bombay, as a part of Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride month.


We’re proud to announce that our Culture Lab was a part of QAM (Queer Azaadi Mumbai), and hosted 3 exciting events for Pride month, January 2018! Through our events, we sought to explore youth culture within the Indian LGBTQ movement; how it is pushing beyond the boundaries of activism and configuring new ways of expressing and celebrating queerness.