Three Women - Theatre Preview

Three Women

Three Women - Theatre Preview

2 May 2014 05:00PM

Three Women is a contemporary musical theatre piece that looks at 19th century Bengali Renaissance women's issues of individuality, freedom and purpose through a modern day, 21st century lens presented through the lives of three of Rabindranath Tagore's women - two fictional and one from his own life.

 Charu and Bimala (from Tagore's 19th century novels The Broken Nest and The Home and the World) are urban, educated women who are negotiating their notion of identity and self-worth in relation to the times that they live in, through the pathos and humor of an edgy, modern day Kadambari Devi (Tagore's real life sister-in-law and lifetime muse).  The issues that are surfaced in the discussion between the three women are relevant to the gender empowerment discussion globally in the public domain today.

Three Women has been written and directed by Isheeta Ganguly and stars Meher Acharia Dar, Avantika Akerker and Isheeta Ganguly. This special preview at the lab was followed by a discussion with the entire cast of the play. 

 About the director

Isheeta Ganguly is a fusion singer of the Indian diaspora who began her musical journey at the tender age of seven and released her first album at the age of fifteen. Raised in the U.S., Turkey, Japan and Indonesia, Isheeta's music weaves together the many threads of her musical journey from her training in Tagore's and Hindustani classical music to her versatile training and performance in jazz, pop and R&B. Isheeta is also a management consultant and the Founder and Executive Director of Neerupama, an organisation focused on gender equity and transforming the lives of the girl child from a health, education and arts perspective.