Mangroves - Mumbai's Green Lifelines

World Environment Day Special!

Mangroves - Mumbai's Green Lifelines

2 June 2017 05:00PM

As a celebration of World Environment Day, we were proud to present our very own #MangroveFunda in collaboration with the Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre


Mangroves are vital to coastal cities. They maintain the integrity of shorelines by trapping silt and act as a buffer for floods. They also help in stabilising the climate by moderating temperature, humidity and wind. Renowned wildlife photographer, Dr. Anish Andheria busted myths and highlighted the importance of India’s mangrove forests with a talk interspersed with stunning images of his travels through mangrove forests across the country.

As a special addition to the evening, we also had an exclusive photo exhibition that showcased the wildlife of our very own Vikhroli Mangroves.

About Dr Anish Andheria
Dr. Anish Andheria is the President of the Wildlife Conservation Trust and a member of the Maharashtra State Board of Wildlife. He has co-authored two books on Indian wildlife and has contributed to several other books and publications, including scientific papers.