Architecture in Context - Design Challenges in Contemporary India

Masterclass by Rahul Mehrotra

Architecture in Context - Design Challenges in Contemporary India

9 August 2019 05:30PM

The Godrej India Culture Lab was proud to host a special lecture by architect and urbanist, Rahul Mehrotra. 

The masterclass explored the idea of  ‘context’ and how its understanding could be a productive instrument for the development of architecture in India. It covered research projects ranging from the Kumbh Mela and the study of contemporary architecture to readings of emergent urban conditions in India and challenges they pose to designers. His masterclass was about space, community, culture and how we interact with buildings we inhabit. He focused also on not building absolute solutions for temporary and transient problems. He ultimately emphazies the need for empathy in how we build. 

About Rahul Mehrotra:
Rahul Mehrotra is the Founder Principal of RMA Architects and Director of the Urban Design Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Apart from his engagement with the design of buildings, he has been actively involved in civic and urban affairs in Mumbai, having served on multiple commissions for historic preservation and environmental issues. He was the Executive Director of the Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai, where he is now a Trustee, and has previously taught at the University of Michigan and at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at MIT. Mehrotra has lectured extensively on issues to do with architecture, conservation and urban planning and written several books, including Architecture in India since 1990.