Jyotsna Siddharth on gender,caste and intersectionality| So Many Feminisms!

Actor, activist and Founder of 'Project Anti Caste, Love', Jyotsna Siddharth spoke about gender, caste and intersectionality at our event 'So Many Feminisms!' in collaboration with Zubaan Books hosted in February, 2019.

Jyotsna was part of the 'So Many Feminisms!: Feminist Futures' panel discussion which brought together feminist voices from diverse fields of knowledge and practice to discuss what lies ahead. The panelists included Sharda Ugra, a veteran sports journalist; Nidhi Goyal, director of Rising Flame and India's first disabled comedian; Dr Meena Gopal, chairperson of Advanced Centre for Women's Studies at the School of Development Studies, TISS; Divya Kandukuri, journalist and founding member of Bluedawn Mental Health care group; and Ashwaq Masoodi; an award-winning journalist.