The work and activities of the Godrej India Culture Lab have drawn the attention of the media ever since our inception. Here is a selection of some of the coverage we’ve received. If you’re from the press and would like to visit our lab, attend some of our events, or would like specific images of certain events, please mail us on i[email protected]

The Asian Age

Depicting the plight of the fourth pillar

While Indians are only waking up to the need of the hour, the threat to women journalists worldwide has been around for years. Velvet Revolution explores the world of Women Making News and will be screened at the Lab on 29 Sep. 14 September 2017

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The Hindu

Nine mark the divide

As harmony is increasingly threatened, a museum, a fashion showcase, a pop-up and more tell us why we need to remember the stories of Partition. Godrej India Culture Lab's three-day pop-up in Mumbai, called Museum of Memories: Remembering Partition saw scholars (like Guneeta Bhalla), filmmakers...25 August 2017

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Histories woven into cloth

Woven into each stitch of clothing is a reflection of the time and environment that the garment represents. Godrej Culture Lab and The Partition Museum of Amritsar came together with a leading magazine to create one such interpretation.18 August 2017

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Migration and gunfire are young poets’ material for writing about the Partition

The Godrej India Culture Lab, an experimental cultural institution based in Vikhroli, Mumbai, recently invited poets across the country to reflect on the theme of Partition. A three-day event named “Museum of Memories: Remembering Partition” was held with the idea of taking recourse to poetry a...17 August 2017

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Chroniclers of Partition

Efforts to memorialise Partition and documenting the many cross border narratives of Partition have seen a boost over the last few years. On Memoirs Of Partition Anubha Bhonsle speaks to the digital archive, the Partition Museum India and the India Culture Lab about the landsc...13 August 2017

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Live Mint

How technology and social media help trace Partition memories

Archives, websites, oral narratives, Facebook pages and other initiatives that trace the history and lives of Partition survivors. The recently concluded three-day pop-up, Remembering Partition: Museum Of Memories, at the Godrej India Culture Lab in Mumbai was one such window into the subcontin...12 August 2017

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India Today

Parmesh Shahani talks about his latest project on Partition

Parmesh Shahani, head of Godrej India Culture Lab, has now collaborated with Harper's Bazaar to organise a a pop-museum dedicated to the Partition. Called the Museum of Memories: Remembering Partition, the pop-up has brought together leading specimens of art, music, fashion and culture, in hono...5 August 2017

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Indian Express

‘Amnesia about one’s history never serves well’

 Tanvir Mokammel has never shied from difficult subjects. His latest, Simantorekha (The Borderline), is a Bengali documentary that explores the impact of Partition on both sides of the Bengal border and is being screened in Mumbai this weekend as part of the Godrej India Culture Lab’s event ‘Re...4 August 2017

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