The work and activities of the Godrej India Culture Lab have drawn the attention of the media ever since our inception. Here is a selection of some of the coverage we’ve received. If you’re from the press and would like to visit our lab, attend some of our events, or would like specific images of certain events, please mail us on i[email protected]

The Afternoon

Conversations on disability

On May 4, Godrej India Culture Lab is hosting The Freedom to Be Flawed—Awkward Conversations around Disability (5.30 p.m.). The discussion will focus on access and inclusion for people in disabilities in India. The panelists include Divyanshu Ganatra, the country’s first blind paragliding pilot...24 April 2018

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The Swaddle

Let's Talk About Mental Health

At the India Culture Lab on Thursday, a group of four people, each with different perspectives on mental health in India, will gather to discuss how we can better take care of our minds, not just our bodies. 3 April 2018

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Business Today

Godrej Culture Lab is adding a dash of colour to offices with film screenings, pop up museums

The 121-year old Mumbai-based Godrej Group realised the need for a space in its headquarters that allows people to freely communicate and explore what it means to be modern and Indian. It was 2011 when they started Godrej Culture Lab as an attempt to create an alternative intellectual hub in Mu...1 March 2018

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Is Culture and Gender Equality in India Still a Far Cry?

With the idea to have a place that cross-pollinates conversations on contemporary India, the Godrej India Culture Lab invite experts from different silos at the culture lab - be it academia, business, creative industries like film, theatre, artists, policy or even activists - all of whom in the...28 February 2018

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Genderless fashion: Indian designers are changing the way we look at clothes

In January, at Queer Aesthetics Now!, a celebration of the LGBTQ community’s engagement with culture at the Godrej India Culture Lab in Mumbai, up-and-coming designers ventured answers via a garment installation each.27 February 2018

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Gender-Bending Fashion Defies Stereotypes At Mumbai Pride

Fashion has always been a community that embraces original ideas, regardless of gender. As part of a series of events to celebrate pride month, Godrej India Culture Lab (GICL) has organised Queer Aesthetics Now!18 January 2018

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We join hands with Lakmé Fashion Week and Godrej India Culture Lab to spotlight India’s young designers who are blurring the boundaries of gender, and learn that they are questioning, recreating and producing an alternate vocabulary and imagery to make the industry more inclusive and diverse.13 January 2018

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In October 2017, India's Godrej Industries hosted the release of global corporate standards to support the business community in ending discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people, at their Mumbai headquarters.10 January 2018

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