The work and activities of the Godrej India Culture Lab have drawn the attention of the media ever since our inception. Here is a selection of some of the coverage we’ve received. If you’re from the press and would like to visit our lab, attend some of our events, or would like specific images of certain events, please mail us on i[email protected]


Parmesh Shahani dreams of transgender employment at every workplace

What if every major company—private and public—had a multiple-level transgender employment initiative, asks Parmesh Shahani of Godrej India Culture Lab.10 August 2018

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Urdu in the internet age: Experts weigh in on how the language must adapt, evolve to become more accessible

These concerns, as well as the fate of Urdu in the internet age, were the focal point of a discussion at the India Culture Lab. "The idea that Urdu is in 'danger' is not true. It is alive; what it needs right now is development," said Mahtab Alam, executive editor of The Wire Urduand one of the...10 August 2018

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A Studio That's Seriously Entertaining

A new production studio seeks to address burning civic issues in a fun manner, through a genre they call 'civic entertainment'. While a lot of entertainment content these days are taking up civic issues and addressing problems in a light vein to drive the message harder, a new initiative seeks ...29 July 2018

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The Afternoon

The Rise of Gully Rap

Attending a Gully Rap program organised by the Godrej Culture Lab in the company's sprawling and beautiful Vikhroli premises, I saw a large number of oldie goldies and middle-aged manoos tapping their feet, clapping their hands and generally having as good a time as the youthful community that ...13 July 2018

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A new documentary sheds comprehensive light on the rise and rise of an indigenous brand of hip-hop in Mumbai

It's not DIVINE. It's not Naezy either. The two of them are undoubtedly instrumental in giving mainstream credence to gully rap, a term that denotes the rhyming style that first emanated from the alleyways of Dharavi and Mahim. 5 July 2018

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Mumbai’s innovative hot spots are helping to build its creative and cultural capital

Radhika Piramal did not expect to become a corporate gay rights icon when she first spoke in public about her “coming out” journey, at a 2015 event at the Godrej India Culture Lab, on Godrej’s Vikhroli campus in north-east Mumbai. But that is exactly what happened.29 May 2018

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The Hindu

Godrej group launches programme to groom humanities students for career in cultural sector

The Godrej group has launched a leadership programme for students of humanities to prepare them for recruitment in the cultural sector. Godrej Culture Lab, the group's initiative for cross-pollination of ideas, will also offer employment opportunities to deserving students at the end of the one...28 May 2018

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HR Katha

Godrej’s Culture Lab brings people and ideas together to build a better world

The Culture Lab just introduced a Leadership Programme, which is an internship with a difference. Aimed at giving students of humanities a chance to know what it means to work in the cultural sector of India, it is a month-long paid intensive internship.25 May 2018

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