Mir Mukhtiyar Ali, Mathias Duplessy & Rakesh Kumar Concert

Mukhtiyar Ali, Matias Duplessy & Rakesh Kumar

Mir Mukhtiyar Ali, Mathias Duplessy & Rakesh Kumar Concert

20 February 2015 05:00PM

The Godrej India Culture Lab was proud to host Mir Mukhtiyar Ali and Mathias Duplessy (of Peepli Live and Finding Fanny fame) along with Rakesh Kumar for a spectacular fusion music performance.


Mathias Duplessy from France started working with Sufi Indian singer Mir Mukhtiyar Ali six years ago and soon realized they had a common language in music. They evolved a style of their own, which was inspired by Rajasthani folk, flamenco, blues, reggae, African, Japanese and Mongolian music. 

This event was in collaboration with the Institut Français Inde, the French Embassy in India and Shanti Travel.com.

 About the musicians

Mathias Duplessy plays a dozen of instruments and likes especially, the strings. Between flamenco, oriental, classical music or gypsy jazz, his style is unique and full of energy.

 Mir Mukhtiyar Ali belongs to the 26th generation of the Merasi community which has successfully kept alive the oral tradition of Sufiana Qalam. He enthralls audiences, with his unique blend of Rajasthani folk, Kabir and Sufi music.