Love In A Time Of Hate – A Masterclass by Nusrat Durrani

27 January 2017 5 PM

The media revolution brought about by the confluence of globalization, social platforms and technology has created unprecedented opportunity to connect the world and create bridges of understanding. It is also a historic chance to create true value by showcasing the humanity and diversity of the interconnected world we live in. 

By discarding the stereotypes from the past and focusing on thoughtful and authentic narratives of modern love told through inventive formats, media executive Nusrat Durrani has created a new cinematic language and more progressive view of relationships in the 21st century.

Godrej India Culture Lab was proud to present Love In A Time Of Hate – A Masterclass by New York based Nusrat Durrani. Nusrat took the audience through a scintillating pop-culture trip around the world through a talk intercut with video highlights of his most recent work. In his talk, Nusrat used the lenses of politics, fashion, and relationships to show you entirely new ways of experiencing and cross-pollinating love to reverse the growing tide of hate in the world.

About Nusrat Durrani
Nusrat Durrani is a pioneering media executive and award-winning creator renowned worldwide for his cutting edge work in television, digital and social media. He founded and served as General Manager & Sr. Vice President at MTV World in New York. His most recent work includes his acclaimed “Rebel Music” documentary series and “Madly”, an omnibus film that was selected to open the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival of New York.