LGBTQ Now! - Queer Networking Now!

Mumbai Pride at Culture Lab

LGBTQ Now! - Queer Networking Now!

5 January 2018 5:00 PM

We were so proud to kickstart the Mumbai Pride Month celebrations right here at our Lab, with a power-packed panel discussion on Queer Networking Now! 

Our panelists were Sakshi Juneja of Gaysi Family, an online safe space where the Desi-Gay community comes together to share personal stories, Sachin Jain, founder of Gay Housing Assistance Resource (G.H.A.R.) bulletin board, and Koninika Roy of Yaariyan, an LGBTQ youth initiative by The Humsafar Trust, and our Culture Lab head Parmesh Shahani.

From Pride Walks across cities with thousands of people marching for equality to queer open mic nights, LGBTQ networking has come a long way in a very short time! Our panelists talked about how their own work has transformed LGBTQ networking and how queer networks have evolved to create exciting new spaces - both digital and physical.


We’re proud to announce that our Culture Lab was a part of QAM (Queer Azaadi Mumbai), and hosted 3 exciting events for Pride month, January 2018! Through our events, we sought to explore youth culture within the Indian LGBTQ movement; how it is pushing beyond the boundaries of activism and configuring new ways of expressing and celebrating queerness.