LGBTQ Now! - Queer Aesthetics Now!

Queer Fashion now installation

LGBTQ Now! - Queer Aesthetics Now!

20 January 2018 11:00

Fashion! Cinema! Dance! We hosted an exciting celebration of Queer Aesthetics where we looked at how the LGBTQ youth are embracing the aesthetics and politics of queerness through these mediums.

We kick-started the day with a Best of KASHISH collection of films, which showcased some excellent short and feature length films made by young film-makers, looking at queerness through the lens of cinema.

Next, we had a panel discussion in collaboration with Lakme Fashion Week and Verve Magazine with whom we also set up a fashion ensemble created by six young designers who are expressing their queerness through their work. In addition, we also screened the premiere of the film Boys of Safdarjung by Nikhil D and Tsundue Phunkhang.

We ended the day with a performance by the fabulous Dancing Queens, India’s first transgender dance troupe, who returned to our Lab for the grand finale!


We’re proud to announce that our Culture Lab was a part of QAM (Queer Azaadi Mumbai), and hosted 3 exciting events for Pride month, January 2018! Through our events, we sought to explore youth culture within the Indian LGBTQ movement; how it is pushing beyond the boundaries of activism and configuring new ways of expressing and celebrating queerness.