Yo, Yo, Give Me Back that Beat! With DJ Rekha

DJ Rekha

Yo, Yo, Give Me Back that Beat! With DJ Rekha

28 February 2014 05:00PM

Borrowing the bass? Or, just plain stealing? Many Bollywood producers have been inspired by music from different cultures. Likewise, non-desi producers have used exotic elements to widen their sonic palettes. And now, one of India’s biggest music artists pays a direct tribute to hip-hop by preceding his name with Yo Yo. DJ Rekha, the acclaimed mix master from New York in this very special Friday Funda, shared her tracks and her take on the global phenomenon of music appropriation.

About DJ Rekha

DJ Rekha is a producer, curator and educator based in New York City.  She is the founder of Basement Bhangra™ and Bollywood Disco, and co-founder of Mutiny Club nights. She was named "Ambassador of Bhangra" by the New York Times.  Rekha’s other musical work includes sound design for the TONY award winning Broadway Show Bridge and Tunnel and Associate Producer for the NPR Radio Documentary A Feet in Two Worlds. Her debut album, DJ Rekha presents Basement Bhangra, was released in 2007. In 2009, DJ Rekha was inducted into New York City's Peoples’ Hall of Fame.  She has performed internationally and at the White House several times and taught courses on International Dance Music and DJ Culture and Practice at New York University.