From Russia with Love

Shrikesh Pabari

From Russia with Love

9 November 2012

Russia is the world’s largest country, a nuclear super power and the largest producer of oil and gas globally. It’s also the 'R' In BRICS - alongside India. It often conjures up images of super-rich oligarchs, the cold war, government protests, caviar and extreme cold. 

In his entertaining and informative multimedia travelogue Russia: A Journey behind the Iron Curtain, Shrikesh Pabari showed us that the reality is very different in this former Communist country and shared some of what he saw and experienced while visiting the two main cities: the current capital Moscow and the old capital St.Petersburg, explaining some of the history and rich culture, show photographs and share some travel tips. Want to know why Russians love their bling? Or how the Russian Mafia became so infamous? Or what part the Moscow Metro played in creating the Socialist state? Did you know Russians love their chai? All these questions were answered by Shrikesh Pabari in his Friday Funda talk.

Shrikesh Pabari was born in London and has been living in India for the past 3 years working as a trader for a Swiss Bank after having lived in Hong Kong for the prior 5 years. On his latest trip to Russia definitely he comments that "Russia was nothing like what we were led to expect - it was far above expectations" and shared the story behind his experience with us.