Music Takes Root

Music Takes Root - Sunita Bhuyan

Music Takes Root

12 June 2015 05:00PM

On June 12, a Change Talk - Friday Funda was held with violinist and vocalist Sunita Bhuyan where she broke myths surrounding so called inaccessible music styles. Through this performance cum lecture she spoke about how different genres of music from classical to folk to world are founded on the same universal seven notes. Bhuyan also touched upon Music Therapy, and demonstrated how it can be used as a medium to foster leadership and collaboration.

About Sunita Bhuyan

Sunita Bhuyan is a violinist and vocalist based in Mumbai who has been trained in the Hindustani style by her mother, senior violinist Minoti Khaund and late Pandit VG Jog. Bhuyan also specialises in Indo-jazz and world folk styles. Her album Bihu Strings is the only album of folk (Assamese) on the violin produced in India.

Bhuyan who holds an MBA in Human Resources and a Masters in Music, combines the two worlds in workshops she conducts on wellness, leadership and bringing about change through music. Some of the forums that Sunita has appeared at include StrategicHuman Resource Management, Asia Scotland Society Edinburgh, among others. Currently, she is doing research on the effect of music on cognitive preservation. Bhuyan is also the ambassador of the South Asia Women's Fund, based in Sri Lanka, that works for women's rights.