Journeys for Water : Design thinking and connectivity to bring water for all


Journeys for Water : Design thinking and connectivity to bring water for all

30 August 2013 5 PM

Over the next twenty years in India, an estimated 220 million people will move from the countryside to cities with many resettling in urban slums. With migration comes increased demand for utilities, including the need for clean drinking water. Already a daily struggle, a failure to secure clean water creates significant social and economic upheaval, shaping the very fabric of city life.

How can the smart use of connectivity, sensors and cloud services help meet this demand? In this Friday Funda, Jan Chipchase of frog shared a
recent design research study that explored the drinking water ecosystem in India's urban slums. The insights gathered from this research informed how technology and innovative service models can potentially deliver water for all.

About the speaker
As Executive Creative Director of Global Insights Jan Chipchase oversees frog's global design research practice, which runs over 150 projects
worldwide each year for Fortune 500 clients. This role provides a unique perspective on innovation, design and the adoption of technology globally.
Over the last decade he has conducted extensive research across the globe, uncovering insights and identifying opportunities to inform and inspire the design process - from trend-hotspots through to warzones and pretty much everywhere in between. He is a renowned keynote speaker at conferences including TED. His work is widely covered in the media including publications like The New York Times, The Economist, Business Week and The Atlantic. His first book Hidden in Plain Sight was published in April 2013.