Great Games

Vijay Crishna

Great Games

14 February 2014 05:00

 The High Pamirs of Tajikistan sit among the most rugged and beautiful mountains on Earth - where the Himalaya, the Karakorums, the Tien Shan, Kun Lun, Hindu Kush and the Wakhan Range meet and fan out. In turn, these are part of an area of Earth that have defined not only mankind’s growth and development from our earliest period, but also its geopolitics for literally hundreds of years.  Most of us seem to know little about it, that speaks more about us than this extraordinary area!

In August 2013, Vijay Crishna travelled down the Pamir Highway and the Wakhan Corridor which is central to this breathtaking area, in use since the time of the Silk Roads.  All these, and more, formed a part of his special Friday Funda - Change talk.

 About the speaker

Vijay Crishna is Executive Director, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Pvt Ltd. After 8 years in Shipping and Tea in Calcutta, he was invited to run Lawkim Ltd., a bankrupt light engineering company that the Godrej family had just taken over in early 1977. It is still adding value to the Godrej name today. In 1991, Mr. Crishna established the Naoroji Godrej Centre for Plant Research at Shindewadi, Satara, researching and propagating rare and endangered species of medicinal plants endemic to the Western Ghats. He has trekked in the Garhwal, Sikkim, Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet areas – and is also active on the theatre scene since 1965 in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.