From The Hobbit to Furious 7: Priyamvad Deshmukh – India’s Global VFX Superstar

From The Hobbit to Furious 7: A talk by Priyamvad Deshmukh

From The Hobbit to Furious 7: Priyamvad Deshmukh – India’s Global VFX Superstar

26 June 2015 05:00 PM

Exclusive to Godrej India Culture Lab on June 26, we hosted one of the world's leading graphics programmers and shader writers, Priyamvad Deshmukh. He delivered his debut presentation about his incredible journey from Amravati to the top of the Visual Effects industry at WETA, Peter Jackson's visual effects company in New Zealand. 

In this special talk, Priyamvad revealed some of the obstacles he faced professionally and shared his methods for overcoming them. He also shared how he has pushed the envelope in creating new advancements.

The talk touched upon recent advancements in the industry and discussed some of the ways the visual effects/animation industry in India can improve. Priyamvad also illustrated how visual effects can be used as a medium to catalyze advancements in education, social justice, and cross-cultural understanding. 

Priyamvad Deshmukh works for Lord of the Rings series director Peter Jackson's digital effects company WETA Digital, in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been instrumental in creating ground-breaking programs for Hollywood blockbusters such as Fast & Furious 7 (2015), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), and The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (2014). 
Hailing from Amravati, Maharashtra, Priyamvad has had a meteoric rise in the VFX industry. His work is at the intersection of computer science, physics, math and art –– a balance that he incorporates in all of his endeavors. He has previously worked with DreamWorks (Los Angeles) where he was a lead shader writer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), Madagascar 3 (2012), Rise of the Guardians (2012) and Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011).