VAICA - Festival of video art by Indian contemporary artists

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VAICA - Festival of video art by Indian contemporary artists

30 November 2019

The Festival of Video Art by Indian Contemporary Artists (VAICA) is the first of-its-kind event on video art as a form in India. Indian artists have been using, experimenting with and exploring video art as a medium for artistic expression for some years now. This festival aims to celebrate this art form by bring together artists, cultural critics, students of art and media and art lovers to see some of the most exciting video art in the country. The Festival Finale, on 30 November 2019, is hosted by Godrej India Culture Lab in partnership with Comet Media Foundation.

The Festival Finale comprises a set of 12 video art pieces that have been curated by Bharati Kapadia and Chandita Mukherjee. The curators have focused on showing a wide range of artists' videos addressing varied issues giving a window on the vast possibilities that the idiom of video can offer to the artists’ imagination. The curators emphasize that video art is decidedly different from short films in that the video artworks do not necessarily follow narrative structure, formats and are not intended to provide resolution in their narrative. In India, artists have been using the form in new and unique ways without the technical infrastructure available to their Western counterparts. Hence this festival will platform these innovative techniques and experiments in the art form. The pieces curated for the finale present a similarity in internal rhythm and mood.

The festival is especially relevant to the Godrej India Culture Lab’s ongoing work on questioning what it means to be modern and Indian. The Lab involves academics, activists, employees, artists, filmmakers and a diverse audience to become participants in finding the answer to this relevant question: ‘how does the past inform the present?’ Through this collaboration, the Lab will explore multiple answers to this complex question while amplifying the artists’ work in this unique format.

You can check out the full festival schedule here on the VAICA Website.

The evening will showcase video art works that seek to evoke a range of emotions. The themes explored in the artworks range from pieces that depict dreamscapes or fantasies as well as the transformation of physical sites. We will have works that manipulate the medium of text, graphics and animation and artworks that comment on the brutality of an increasingly intolerant India. These screenings will be followed by a conversation between Amrita Gupta Singh, Anjali Monteiro and V. Diwakar in which they will respond to the art works and will discuss about video art as an emerging art form.

The Festival is FREE and OPEN to all.  

Detailed schedule below:

Fifth sequence at Godrej India Culture Lab
30 November, Saturday at 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

4.15 pm
A levelled playing field by Meera Devidayal
Trees are stranger than aliens in the movies by Paribartana Mohanty

4.30 pm
Pause for discussion

4.45 pm
Looped by Babu Eshwar Prasad 

5 pm
Pause for discussion

5.15 pm
Alien Simulation by Karthik KG
Xeno-real by Ranu Mukherjee
Forest by Ranbir Kaleka

5.35 pm
Pause for discussion

5.50 pm
Unpoetry by Mithu Sen
L For... by Bharati Kapadia

6.15 pm
Pause for discussion

6.30 pm
Soyabean Biryani (for Junaid) by Vidha Saumya
Jataka trilogy by Tushar Joag

6.48 pm
Pause for discussion

7 pm 
Black Box by Gargi Raina

7.15 pm
Panel discussion with Amrita Gupta Singh, Anjali Monteiro, V. Diwakar
moderated by Anuj Daga

8 pm
Food reception

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VAICA - Festival of video art by Indian contemporary artists

30 November 2019

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