The World Before Her

the world before her

The World Before Her

4 April 2014 05:00

The World Before Her creates a lively, provocative portrait of India. Through unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, the film sweeps back the curtain to reveal the intimate stories of young women determined to win the crown for the Miss India pageant. In contrast, it travels to an annual camp run by the Durgha Vahini, where through lectures and physical combat training, young girls learn what it means to be good Hindu women.

Moving between these two juxtaposing camps and the characters’ private lives, the film shows how though these women represent such opposing extremes yet share a common dream to shape India’s future. The World Before Her has won several international awards. Director Nisha Pahuja was present at the screening to engage with the audience. 

 About the Filmmaker:

Nisha Pahuja is a New Delhi born and Toronto raised writer, producer and director. She co-wrote and directed Diamond Road, a three part series on the global diamond trade. Pahuja’s Bollywood Bound, about a quartet of Indo-Canadians who travel to India to make it big in Bollywood, screened at numerous film festivals and was widely telecast around the world.  The World Before Her is her third film.