Love Stories #1 to 14

Annie Zaidi

Love Stories #1 to 14

15 February 2013

Love! Some say it’s a feeling that can never be explained in words. Some say it is a journey of emotions. Love makes the world go around…Love is a many splendoured thing... (In that case, why do I hate you like I love you?) This Valentine’s Day (or rather, the day after), the Godrej India Culture Lab hosted a very special talk and book reading by Annie Zaidi, someone who’s written an entire book in trying to decipher this strangest of all emotions. Love Stories #1 to 14 is a book full of interesting tales of love.

From a woman who won’t let the shadow of death disrupt her love life to another who falls irrevocably in love with a dead police officer, a devoted wife who steps out twice a week for Narcotics Anonymous meetings to friends who should have been lovers, Annie Zaidi’s stories are at once warm and distant, violent and gentle – and, above all, untroubled by cynicism. This is a look at love, straight in the eye, to understand the alluring nature of the beast.

About the Author

Annie Zaidi is the author of Love Stories # 1 to 14, and Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales, which was shortlisted for the Crossword (non-fiction) book prize, and
the co-author of The Bad Boy’s Guide to the Good Indian Girl. She also writes poetry and plays in both English and Hindi. Jaal and So Many Socks were performed in Mumbai in 2012. She currently lives in Mumbai."