Indian Women at Work

Gita Aravamudan

Indian Women at Work

17 September 2012

How does an item girl tackle sexual harassment at her work place? Why does a highly paid woman software engineer pay a dowry? When a woman focuses on her career, does she lose out as a wife and a mother? Is there a female model of achievement as distinct from a male one? These and other similar questions are explored in Unbound: Indian Women @ Work through a series of interviews conducted by the author with women from all walks of life and from different parts of the country.

Icons like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon, and Meena Ganesh, former CEO of TESCO Hindustan Service Centre, rub shoulders with Rachel the hair designer and Sumathi the call-centre employee who comes from a family of domestic helps. Women engineers discuss insidious gender discrimination and working mothers speak of the difficulties of balancing motherhood and work. Together these stories provide a valuable guide to the brave new world of today’s women professionals. This was a special reading of the book where Gita Aravamudan was in conversation with Parmesh Shahani, the head of the Godrej-India Culture Lab.

About the Author

Gita Aravamudan is a journalist and writer who lives in Bangalore. She has previously authored two books on gender issues: Voices in My Blood and Disappearing Daughters: The Tragedy of Female Foeticide. Unbound is her third book on the same topic. She has also written a novel, The Healing.