Awaaz Aala


Awaaz Aala

4 October 2013 5 PM

‘AWAAZ AALA’ is not just a documentary, but an attempt to create maximum social awareness about a possible solution (via the Cochlear Implant) to the crippling disability of deafness, especially in children. AWAAZ AALA follows the journey of  four hearing impaired children from pre-surgery to three years post-implant stages. It goes inside the Operation Theatre  to illustrate the actual process of implantation.

It shows the entire “Switch-on” procedure where a deaf child is able to hear sound for the first time. It enters group and individual therapy sessions with parents and children to document daily triumphs and successes. At the end, it celebrates the convocation ceremony of “graduating” children who have made the transition from disability to normalcy, presided over by noted lyricist and director, Gulzar.

 This special screening was held at the end of World Deafness Week. Director Minnie Vaid was present and engaged with the audience after the screening. 

 About the Filmmaker:

Minnie Vaid wears many hats. A print  and television journalist, with IllustratedWeekly, Newstrack, Business India Television and Star Plus, and then as a key member of Mahindra’s Mumbai Mantra, Minnie’s passion remains documentaries especially in rural India. She turned author with her first book, A Doctor to Defend : the Binayak Sen story launched by Amartya Sen in January 2011. Her second book Ironirom : two journeys was released in Mumbai and Delhi earlier this year. She is currently researching her third book in Tamil Nadu as well as a documentary on the abuse of the elderly.