The work and activities of the Godrej India Culture Lab have drawn the attention of the media ever since our inception. Here is a selection of some of the coverage we’ve received. If you’re from the press and would like to visit our lab, attend some of our events, or would like specific images of certain events, please mail us on


Giving voice to queer stories

This week, Roy will visit the Godrej India Culture Lab at Vikhroli as part of the event, Queer Voices of Mumbai, which will be the first public presentation of his documentary-in-progress, following a year-long production stint. The session will showcase select portions from the documentary as ...17 July 2013

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Event FAQS

Godrej India Culture Lab hosts a pop up version of the INK Conference

Speaking about their association with INK, Parmesh Shahani, Associate Vice President - Godrej India Culture Lab, said: "The pop up INK conference was a celebration of young and innovative India and of ideas that can create a radical change for the future. At the Godrej India Culture Lab, we bel...16 July 2013

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Vogue India

Music, dance and Mumbai's LGBTQ community

My presentation for the Godrej India Culture Lab undertakes the critical labor of unpacking these stereotypes through a discussion of how members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and Hijra communities in Mumbai are defying once-held beliefs and superstitions about queer...16 July 2013

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Hindustan Times

INK to conduct conference on innovation, creativity

If you're looking for some intellectual stimulation, make your way to the Godrej India Culture Lab in Vikhroli (East) on Friday for a first-of-its-kind popup INK talk. The INK conferences (INK stands for Innovation and Knowledge) serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing. The pop-up talk will f...3 July 2013

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Tell me a story

Comic book artist Vidyun Sabhaney will talk about three such diverse forms of traditional Indian storytelling from Bengal, Karnataka and Rajasthan, and their evolution till date.27 June 2013

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Comics through the years

On Friday, as part of the Godrej India Culture Lab, Delhi-based comic book artist Vidyun Sabhaney and her collaborator Shohei Emura, a Japanese Manga artist also based in Delhi, will conduct a talk on Indian visual storytelling traditions.26 June 2013

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Comic Experiences

Vidyun will address audiences at the Godrej India Culture lab where she will talk about recent developments in storytelling. 24 June 2013


Times Crest

Saucing up the story

Sabhaney will discuss the project at a talk organised by the Godrej India Culture Lab this week, titled 'Image + Word: Recent Developments in Indian Storytelling Traditions'. She speaks to TOI-Crest about her travels, how the local art-forms have adapted to changing times and the country's grow...22 June 2013

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