Design + Social Media opportunity at Godrej India Culture Lab, Mumbai

Job summary

We are looking for our next Culture Labbie. If you think you are innovative, super-energetic and a tech-comfortable maven then please apply now! The role requires a progressive thinker who can connect people, ideas and social media. The candidate must be passionate about what the Lab has been building – an experimental ideas space that explores what it means to be modern and Indian. They will design the Lab's creatives, plan, strategise and execute the Lab’s social media campaigns, and also collaborate with different individuals/organizations on joint projects.

Here are the desired characteristics that we're looking for

The candidate should have an undergraduate degree in any field. (If you have finished your final exams in any undergrad discipline and are about to graduate in a few months, then please do apply.)

Previous work experience is not a must. However design skills are necessary (you need not have had formal training) as well as an active presence on social media.

How to apply

This is a paid engagement for a flexible period, located in Mumbai at our Lab’s office in Vikhroli. Please contact with a cover letter, stating why you are interested in this opportunity, as well as your CV and examples of previous work if any. Thanks and best of luck! :-)

Deadline for application
Till the position gets filled.